In a moment that had nothing to do with jewels, or chic or promotion or sales....I came to a realize something wonderful....The truth is, yes, I am a business woman.  I have been successful, I have lost everything, I have started from scratch more times than I care to admit.


When I was at a particularly low point, out of desperation, I began to sell my more valuable things on ebay in an effort to make some quick money.  I am a single mom and I had two young children to support, not to mention the four dogs I had acquired…yes, I can never turn a blind eye to an animal in need although affording them is a reality that doesn’t enter the equation in the throws of those moments.

I started to get the curve of ebay. In an effort to make that more profitable, I studied the best routes to success, the marketing tactics and so on.  And, as an aside, the only hobby I enjoyed for hours on end, was beading, and making jewelry.  I had amassed a significant amount of high end beads, Swarovski, Czech, gemstones…but the ones that fascinated me most were the vintage, antique beads.

I suppose it was an obvious progression that I would gravitate toward antique jewelry.  Two years down the road, while I thought I was combing the thrift stores to hunt down a great find to re-sell,  instead, I have what is nothing short of a massive collection of very rare and collectible pieces.

If I could even began to tell you the number of late nights researching,  combing over hundreds of pieces for signatures, or identifying marks, I have no doubt it might strike a chord of familiarity.  Ironically,  it’s nearly impossible for me to part with them.   Yes, I have the web page, the etsy shop, the ebay store, the blog, the whole nine.  But the funny thing is, I can’t put a price on any of it.

I wrote a little piece the other day about how into the whole vintage period everyone seems to be.  And I wondered if the fans of that era stop to explore why they are so drawn to it.  The craftsmanship is obvious, but the integrity of the work during those periods is so remarkable, that it has an audience and admiration from people who thrive and make money from working online.  A non-textural experience with the exception of the new ‘themes’ available to show your style.

So, while we all need to make a living, and I still haven’t figured out how to add ‘shopping carts’ and RSS feeds,  I adore sharing the treasures I’ve collected from my unexpected and random adventures. Yes, I intend to sell them.  But I’m not in a hurry, and I welcome you to enjoy them as well.  And if you are a kindred spirit, and there is a piece you are interested in, I think I’d prefer to talk about it in a more personal way than a ‘shopping cart’ or paypal.  Just drop me a note, or comment and I will be happy to get back to you.  Just my way of keeping it human…a nod to what makes vintage so special…integrity.