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In my world, collecting has always been finding a little treasure here and there.  Slowly, over the years, that developed into a rather substantial collection of over 700 pieces.  One of the antique dealers I have grown to know and love, has retired, and closed her shop.  She invited me to go through her inventory and see what I might like to have.  I bought it all.  I just couldn’t resist.  There were so many beautiful pieces that I knew would never be available again.  I am now the proud owner of a massive collection.  I am having a blast going through it all.  It was all meticulously stored, by category, and in pristine condition.  There are many signed pieces…Dior, Ciner, Trifari, Art, Florenza, Original by Robert….And every kind of figural!  Cats, butterflies, birds, dogs, flowers, rhinestone necklaces, earrings…too much to mention.  I am going through it slowly…carefully photographing it, and will be listing it on my site for you over time.  Here are a few pictures to share the journey

IMG_3345 DSC00024 DSC00064 DSC00070IMG_3309DSC00127 DSC00202 IMG_1424 IMG_1428


Ask anyone who collects vintage jewelry…there is nothing better than a good day of antiquing!  It’s not easy to do in this day and age…sadly, most really good, old fashioned vendors are out of business…or on their way out.  I have a couple of favorite spots in a number of locations…but for the most part, my favorite haunts are gone.  Last week, however, was a lucky day!  I was fortunate enough to find some exceptional pieces…most from the Art Deco period, and some Czech rhinestone beauties.haulphoto 4-2

The statement earrings, with a stipled turquoise cabochon were so gorgeous, that they literally sold within five minutes of being listed!  The finds were mainly earrings…milk glass, Juliana, huge rhinestone Deco delights and so on…The piece with the green paste stones is a magnificent pendant necklace…quite unusual.

photo 1DSC03013DSC03003

I particularly love the glass sunburst bracelet…it’s breath taking in person!  Most of these beauties can be found in my shop on Etsy, but, I also make them available directly on Instagram…all you need to do is leave your Paypal addy…it’s that easy!  You can find my shop and IG gallery here:

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